The uCIFI Alliance

Unlocking the Smart City and Smart Utility markets
with unified data model on IoT networks

The Smart Streetlight and the Smart Metering markets both started with the first projects about 10 years ago. Even if dozens of smart city projects were deployed since then, these markets are not yet mature due to proprietary single-source-supplier IoT systems. Each vendor has its own language (i.e. data payload format) and even sometimes its own proprietary networking technology. As a result, large smart city & metering projects require proprietary API integration and translation of proprietary data payloads to provide city-wide operational systems.

Standardized Data Model for Smart Cities and Utilities

The first mission of uCIFI is to define a unified data model for all smart city objects, that can be communicated on any open and proprietary IoT network. Smart city experts have contributed to define the unified uCIFI data model which is designed to cover 20 smart city use cases and is extensible to cover even more in the future, thanks to your contributions. The uCIFI data model is suitable to be implemented on any IoT network including LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, 802.15.4G wireless mesh networks as well as proprietary IoT networks.


Unified data model

Cities (public money) and Utilities can’t afford to be locked with only one vendor. Why spending money on translating proprietary data model and format while vendors can easily comply to the unified uCIFI data model ?



uCIFI provides a unified data model that works on any IoT network : LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, WiSUN, 6LowPAN and even on proprietary IoT networks. Thanks to the uCIFI unified data model, no need to add data translators or gateways.



Like other large markets (e.g. computers, phone, video), Smart Cities and Utilities require openness and interoperability to grow and become mature.


Cost Efficient

The uCIFI data model is designed to be easy to implement and cost efficient, so that both end-customers and solutions suppliers have another compelling reason to adopt uCIFI.

uCIFI News

Replay – Webinar: The open smart city, from strategic vision to reality

On November 26th, the uCIFI Alliance, in partnership with SmartCitiesWorld hosted a webinar to explore the journey to more open, interoperable smart city solutions. You’re interested in openness and interoperability issues? Listening to this webinar with the interventions of: Christophe Orceau, CTO at Kurrant, representative of the uCIFI, Bénédicte Collard, Head of Streetlighting at Sibelga, utility provider for the…

Webinar: The open smart city, from strategic vision to reality

On November 26th, join us in a webinar organized by uCIFI in partnership with SmartCitiesWorld. Based on new research and case studies, this webinar will explore the path towards more open and interoperable smart city solutions. Takeaways from this webinar to learn: Data and analysis from new research by SmartCitiesWorld and uCIFI, looking at the challenges to…

In November, meet our members in Paris and Barcelona

On November 13th, EDMI is waiting for you on its booth at the European Utility Week organized this year in Paris. From November 19 to 21, in Barcelona, 4 other members will be mobilized to promote the Alliance during the Smart City Expo World Congress: Engie, ST Engineering, Schréder, MinebeaMitsumi

uCIFI Data model, the key to interoperability

The uCIFI data model is the first initiative that prevents cities from being locked out by vendors.

uCIFI Alliance announces universal data model and interoperability for Smart City IoT devices

During the Mobile World Congress, the international industry and end-customer alliance will announce the release of the uCIFI data model that will provide interoperability and interchangeability between IoT devices from various suppliers on any IoT network, starting with LoRaWAN, NB-IoT or wireless mesh. Despite multiple IoT industry alliances and specification consortia, cities and utilities are…

Let’s create an open future together

We wish you all the best for 2019! See you in February in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress for a new uCIFI announcement. Stay tuned…

Engie’s interview: why did you join uCIFI ?

ENGIE joined uCIFI in July 2018, right after the official launch at the IoT Expo in Amsterdam. We met Raphaël Kazadi, Business Developer Executive for the Decentralized Solutions for Cities and Territories at ENGIE, to know why. Could you please introduce your company? ENGIE is a large group dedicated to energy transition. Beside delivering electricity…

Come meet the uCIFI Alliance Members in Barcelona at Smart City Expo World Congress

The upcoming Smart City Expo World Congress (Barcelona, November 13-15th) is the leading international event for the smart urban solutions industry, the key meeting point for experts and leaders of the world’s most innovative cities, companies, research centers and international organizations. It’s also a great occasion to meet some of the uCIFI members and know…

MinebeaMitsumi Committed to Open Communication Networks by Joining the uCIFI Alliance

MinebeaMitsumi Group, a global provider of Electro Mechanics Solutions™, and its European Research & Development center, Paradox Engineering, experts in wireless technologies and IoT solutions for smart cities, join the uCIFI Alliance as a Sponsor Member to contribute to the development of truly open, multi-supplier, interoperable, multi-transport wireless communication solutions for the smart city and…

ST Engineering’s Electronics in uCIFI Alliance

ST Engineering’s Electronics was one of the first major companies to join the uCIFI alliance since its creation. We met YAO Shih Jih, General Manager of Info-Comm Systems, to know why. What is your company position about open standard technologies? It is important to create an open, secure and reliable wireless network to drive Internet-of-Things (IoT)…

#Welcome! Novaccess joins the uCIFI Alliance

We are pleased to welcome Novaccess as a new Contributor member of the uCIFI Alliance. Based in Switzerland, Novaccess provides cities and industries with innovative remote control solutions to offer convenience, smarter and more efficient operations, and greater sustainability. Novaccess masters all the technology layers needed for developing complete Industrial Internet of Things solutions especially…

ENGIE and ST Engineering joined the uCIFI Alliance

uCIFI Alliance is proud to welcome large industrial companies as ENGIE and ST Engineering. “Joining the uCIFI Alliance reinforces ST Engineering Electronics’ efforts to ensure our WISX IoT solutions continue to adopt an open standard approach, delivering greater benefits to our customers and industry partners,” said Yao Shih Jih, General Manager, Info-Comm Systems, ST Engineering…

uCIFI Alliance: Unlock the future of smart cities

On June 2018, Kerlink, EDMI and Schréder joined by cities and utilities announced they will develop an open source, multi-transport wireless networking technology and data model that will unlock the future of smart cities. Smart Internet of Things (IoT) projects for managing streetlights, parking, traffic, waste collection, power grids, metering and other applications are launched continuously…

Breaking News: uCIFI Alliance is alive!

uCIFI Alliance has officially been launched on June 27th in Amsterdam during the IOT Tech Expo Europe. This alliance is founded by Kerlink, EDMI and Schréder to provide OpenSource Wireless networking reference implementation. Get our latest news by following us on Twitter and Linkedin.

Members speak about uCIFI

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