The uCIFI Alliance

Unified data model on IoT networks
and open source wireless sub-GHz mesh for Smart Cities and Utilities
The end of proprietary wireless communication networks for Smart Cities and Utilities

The Smart Streetlight and the Smart Metering markets both started with the first projects about 10 years ago. Even if dozens of projects were deployed since then, these markets are still growing, not yet mature and only addressed by proprietary single-source-supplier networking systems.

Cities and utilities ask for open and multi-supplier wireless networking solutions. The mission of the uCIFI Alliance is to develop a Multi-Transport, Multi-Supplier & Cost Efficient Wireless Network Reference Implementation that includes an open-source long-range mesh network, as well as supports LoRaWAN, NB-IoT and Bluetooth, so that IoT devices communicates through various networks using the same unified uCIFI data model.


Open Source

Cities (public money) and Utilities can’t afford to be locked with only one vendor.



uCIFI provides high-speed device-to-device (D2D) and device-to-central (D2C) communications for any type of devices on-grid and off-grid.



Like other large markets (e.g. computers, phone, video), Smart Cities and Utilities require openness and the ability for customers to chose amongst many vendors.


Cost Efficient

The uCIFI reference implementation is designed to be cost efficient, so that both end-customers and solutions suppliers have another compelling reason to adopt uCIFI.